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Grade Specifications

Phone Grades Specifications


Please Note: –   These are used phones & we try our best to describe the overall condition of the phone.


Grade A+

These are used phones which are in very good condition. No real signs of wear or any obvious scratches and looking similar like a new phone.

Grade A

These phones are in good condition. Screen, Keypads, covers & housing could have few minor marks/scratches but overall in good condition. Phones may show a few light marks or scratches and a minimal amount of wear from normal everyday use.

Grade B+

Please read Grade A & Grade B specifications because these phones are bit better then Grade B condition & bit worse than Grade A condition & we consider these phone as Grade B+.

Grade B

These mobile phones will show a few more signs of wear & tear (more visible marks, scratches, small minor cracks & colour of fascia could have peeled off from few places).

Grade C

These phones will contain heavy signs of wear & tear which may include deeper marks, scratches, smudges, cracks or dents and cosmetically will be in very poor condition. This grade of phone will include heavier usage resulting in a larger amount of scratches and wear.

We recommend only buy these phones if you are not bothered about condition & you just need a phone in working order or perhaps you have another fascia.


These mobile phones have been fully examined, tested and refurbished to the highest standard including new fascia & new battery which cosmetically looks like ‘as new’ standard.



Please Note: –

The picture on the listing is a new phone & it is only showing to our customers what the phone looks like. These are used phones but comes with Brand New Fascia & please note these fascia’s are copy not branded & you should not expect Phone & Battery condition to be the same as a new phone.  If you are fussy about used phones then please do not buy.

Before posting all our used phones they are checked by us, checking means whether the phones are locked or unlocked & they are working properly & we are not responsible for any texts or photos stored on the used phones.


Any questions please feel free to ask.


Postage charges

Postage charges cover all aspects of the service not just the actual postage cost but also the packaging, handling and time taken to pack and take to post office.


Please Note: –

From 06/08/2014 Due to Royal Mail procedures we are unable to include batteries in our phones just for the following few countries therefore phones will be sent without batteries >>> Belarus, Finland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Turkish Cyprus.


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